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The most common underwear style on the market is elastic briefs

Low waist: The height is less than 8cm below the navel, which is called low waist. The width of the waistband is narrow, or it is designed as a thin belt. This style of underwear is suitable for wearing with low-waisted trousers and low-waisted skirts.

Mid-waist: The height is within 8cm below the navel, generally called the mid-waist. It is the most common specification and style. It just shows the navel when worn, and it feels less restrained. It is very suitable for wearing when there is a lot of exercise. suitable style.

High-waisted models: those whose height is at or above the navel is called high-waisted. The high-waisted design is more comfortable, keeps you warm, and maintains your hip shape better.


Thong originated in Europe and the United States, also known as T-shaped pants, T-back, G-string pants. It is named because it resembles the character "Ding". It was driven by models because of the prevalence of light and thin bodysuits on the catwalk. In summer, more and more people wear thin skirts and trousers. In order to avoid seeing the traces of underwear outside, more girls choose thongs. Now, thongs are no longer just to get rid of embarrassment, but more of a sexy decoration.

seamless panties

Traceless underwear is a one-piece underwear made by new special underwear equipment. The waist, buttocks and other parts of the panty adopt seamless molding technology.

Non-marking underwear takes into account the non-marking characteristics of thongs, and also has the comfort of traditional underwear. The fabric generally chooses elastic fabrics, which can better wrap the buttocks, reduce the sagging of the buttocks, and have a good self-cultivation effect.

Adjustable panties

Adjustable brand panties are used to elevate the buttocks and at the same time restrain the abdomen from protruding. The long adjustable best cotton panties brands can also tighten the thigh fat and modify the curves of the buttocks and thighs. Because adjustable underwear is generally designed with a high waist, it puts a certain pressure on the stomach, which can reduce appetite and reduce food intake.

menstrual underwear

During the menstrual period of each month, girls will worry about some troubles, which will bring embarrassment and inconvenience to their daily life, and sleep at night because they are worried about side leakage.

pregnancy underwear

Pregnant mothers need a comfortable underwear that has better wrapping power and can not cause pressure on the abdomen, so the special wrapping design of the underwear during pregnancy can cover the belly and protect the abdomen of pregnant women, and the waist can cover the part above the navel , with a thermal effect.

sexy panties

The sexy underwear is different from the underwear for daily wear. Its focus is more on the pursuit of the word "interesting", with sexy and romantic as the core of the design, using hollow design in the design of the underwear, or choosing translucent fabrics, adding feminine lace or rich Personalized metal accessories.

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