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With the improvement of women's economic ability and the transformation of social roles, more women's consciousness has begun to awaken, and they have begun to care about their own bodies and inner feelings. Women are pursuing a healthier, freer and more personalized way of breast care, and this change is also reflected in their underwear consumption views.

Best underwear brands is generally referred to as the "second skin" of a person. In a broad sense, it includes women's underwear, mens cotton underwear, warm clothes, home clothes, pajamas, socks and many other intimate clothing. In a narrow sense, it generally refers to women's underwear, including but not limited to bras. , plastic underwear, sports underwear, etc.

Women's underwear can be roughly divided into 19 parts. In terms of surface accessories, in addition to the main fabric, quilts, steel rings, pads, straps, long roots, shaping yarns, soft yarns, shoulder straps, hooks, glue Bones, adjustment buckles, accessories, lace, lace, etc., including more than 40 parts. In the production process of bra mold cups, in addition to relying on machines, other quilted and single-layer products also require high labor. The production of bras requires about 30-40 processes, which means that if one person is responsible for one process, one The assembly line requires dozens of people. In addition, the error of the mold cup cannot be greater than 2MM. The accuracy of the needle thread will directly affect the wearing experience. Every detail needs to be tried and modified repeatedly. Therefore, women's underwear is more dependent on the supply chain. It is a systematic project with complex materials. The complexity of its production process is the highest among mass-produced clothing.

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